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Human Resources & Talent Development

Taking into consideration that this type of hotels are administered by a four people full time, he cost per room per employee is lower than at a hotel with larger structure, and lower cost of entry to the market. Also the employee type to remain on these type of hotels are lower experienced personal, and with the ability to multitask are not commonly located within the local population. For this matter was seek a foreign profile labor, with capacity to multitask as well as quick absorption of easy to do tasks.

After contracting the employee selection companies, we encounter that they were unable to locate the talent personal correct, for this matter we decided to publicize on the internet and we found two easy to train individuals which are eager to work in exchange of learning the hotel business.

We also combined our hotel expertise in managing other type of hotel properties, and we are seeking to compliment the labor force with a couple to fully administer the property, this couple must be fully bilingual as most of the customers we have they have second language as English and it is a must. 

We are working to ensemble a training manual for the 4 basic positions and also a job description prototype to be carry-on with the tasks to be completed without language. Using pictures more than texts.