Autograph@ Boutique Hotels Brand

A Thematic Art Boutique Hotel in Panama City, Panama

This is a converted residence from an Asian descent Panama Canal Engineer, whom devoted their time to cultivate fruit trees orchard on the backyard, and later acquired by an investor when the latest member of the original family passed.

Autograph@Lodge rented the property and upgraded the 3 bedroom, 2 bath classical home into a 10 full sized suites, with 11 private bathrooms, maintaining the orchards, and ensuring all the commodities you would encounter on a 4 star hotel within Panama City, including 32" flat LCD Tv's, private a/c units, and above decorated each of the rooms with all a large collection of unique art pieces in between each of the rooms from a classical sculpture maestro representing 10 of the art movements in the XX century. Realism, In-formalism, Pop-Art, Impressionism, Expressionism, Formalism, Conceptual-ism,  Surrealism, Figurative, and Abstract arts.

We have a sound business model, with a clear description from the management team, this business opportunity for the right buyer will won increased ROI from the day the take over the business, as this property has been develop up to a 66% of its total potential, which furthermore we will explain all the potential avenues this property can take to ensure a ROIC in line with what it is expected from a international hotel venture capital company owner.

In another hand we present up to date marketing study with local approach to the international customer profiling, marketing campaign development for the following budget year (when channel amplification is finished). We will provide a MTD and YTD sales with a ratio dedicated to revenue per available room (RevPar) and also a potential estimated budget for financials budget forecast.

We will present to the interested parties the development plan we have for each of the employees we have currently and for the planned positions as well as a profile structure to seek at local / international basis to continue a sound customer service and quality value added to retain the key people for the organization to keep on delivering high profits with little turnover

We will provide to the auditing parties all our financials, as well as our accounting methods to ensure the acquiring party, can continue the business model and extend their business revenues on a continue string of cash flow and amortization of investments.

In the event the acquiring party seeks a third party financing our Autograph@ owner might provide additional vehicles of financing the purchase for the right and end buyer.